Safety Instruments and Tools

Safety Glasses: They are the most important piece of safety equipment worn by workers to safeguard themselves against dust and debris created by power tools

Hearing Protection: Expandable ear plugs and ear muffs are used while working with loud power tools and machinery such as routers, surface planers and joiners. Ear muffs offer slightly better protection, however, they can be cumbersome.
Respirators and Face Masks: While using routers and other power tools that generate a lot of dust, a dust mask is used to prevent fine particles from entering the lungs. Respirator is worn while spraying varnish or paint. It protects workers from the harmful effects of chemicals.

Face Shield: In addition to safety glasses, clear full-face shield is used while using a lathe, which generates a lot of flying chips. A face shield is easy to use as they are comfortable and can be flipped up when not in use.

Search lights: These are ideal for use at construction sites and industrial establishments. These are also used by security agencies.
Fall arresters: Made using high grade synthetic materials, fall arresters are used while working in high altitude.