Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment

LabTek is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment or Engineering Mechanics Lab Equipment. We Manufacture Bending Moment Apparatus, Bifilar And Trifilar Apparatus, Cam mechanism, Cantilever Beam Apparatus, Centrifugal Force Apparatus, Compound Pendulum Apparatus, Constant velocity apparatus, Crank And Connecting Rod Apparatus, Fly Wheel Apparatus, Four Bar Chain Apparatus, Friction Slide Apparatus, Gear Train Model, Gear Trainer Demonstrator Apparatus, Geneva Mechanism, Hooke’s Coupling Apparatus, Jib Crane Apparatus, Link Polygon Apparatus, Oldham coupling, Pulley Demonstration Set, Rotational Moment of Inertia Apparatus, Sotch yoke, Second Law of Motion Apparatus, Slider crank mechanism, Slotted Link Apparatus, Torsional Vibrational Apparatus, Universal Force Table, Universal joint apparatus, Vibration Of Spiral Spring Apparatus, Wheel And Axle Apparatus, Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus, Winch Cab Single Purchase Apparatus, Worm And Wheel Apparatus, Young’s Modulus Apparatus etc.. Also We do manufacture the Applied Mechanics lab equipment and Test Rigs as per customers requirement. At LabTek, we understand the dynamics of each customer requirement and the variety of demands of their experimental & research system. We help you with innovative design of the applied mechanics lab equipment that makes the system more reliable, robust, cost-effective and economical in long run, saving substantially on your power and maintenance price cost.

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