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Model: AEL6112
Make: LabTek
Origin: India
Sold By: LabTek

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Model: AEL6112
Make: LabTek
Origin: India

This trainer is designed to teach students principles of Automotive Electrical System through comprehensive practical activities. The activities include basic of fault finding, battery and fuse, starter and solenoid, relay, horn, turn lights, park lights, license plate light, tail lights, head lamps, direction indicator and hazard light, brake and reverse lights.

The circuit board module is neatly laid out to represent typical automotive electrical circuits with electrical components, solenoid, relay, dc motor, switches and lights.

The unit contains a circuit board with electrical components, system diagrams, power supply, electrical test leads, and student experiment manual student experiment manual presented in hard copy and pdf format. PCB is made from fiberglass, coated with epoxy to prevent corrosion and suitable for harsh environments. Labeled components with powder coated base.

The experiment exercises start with relevant theory of Automotive Electrical System and proceed to practical activities using the circuit board and multimeter for measurement and troubleshooting. Manual provided, clearly show the following educational Objectives are met.

a.) Experiment manual.
b.) Power cord.
c.) RED Jumper wire: 25 cm long (3 pcs), 50 cm long (4 pcs)
d.) GREEN Jumper wire: 20 cm long (3 pcs), 40 cm long (4 pcs)
e.) BLUE Jumper wire: 20 cm long (3 pcs), 40 cm long (4 pcs)
f.) BLACK Jumper wire: 25 cm long (4 pcs), 30 cm long (4 pcs)

Include Additional Items
a.) Computer Aided Instruction software and compatible with Class Room Management System. The CAI contains theory, presentation, workshop job-sheet and student activities with assessment questions.
b.) Digital Multimeter


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