Centrifugal Force Apparatus


Centrifugal Force Apparatus

Model No: AM-004


The device is composed of a track where a low friction bobbin can run. By rotating the device with the rotation device, it is possible to read the value of the centrifugal force on the Newton spring scale fixed about the rotation axis. Moreover, it is possible to verify the centrifugal force formula too, knowing the radius. Measuring the frequency of rotation is required and can be achieved using any of our light gates.

Experiment description

The centrifugal force apparatus enables experimental investigation of the centrifugal force F as a function of the rotating mass m, the distance r of the mass from the center of rotation and the angular velocity ω, thus making it possible to confirm the relation F = m·ω2·r for the centrifugal force.

In the centrifugal force apparatus, the force F acting on a rotating mass m is transmitted via a lever with ball-and-socket joint and a push pin in the axis of rotation to a leaf spring, whose deflection is measured electrically by means of a bridge-connected strain gauge. In the measuring range relevant for the experiment, the deformation of the leaf spring is elastic and thus proportional to the force F.

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Equipment list

1 Sensor-CASSY
1 CASSY Lab 2
1 Timer box or Timer S
1 Centrifugal force apparatus S
1 Power supply
1 Forked light barrier
1 Multi-core cable, 6-pole
1 Bench clamp
1 Stand base, V-shape, 20 cm
1 Stand rod, 10 cm
1 Pair of cables, 50 cm, red and blue
1 PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

If there are centrifugal force apparatus (347 21) available, they can be upgraded by means of the centrifugal force adapter (524 0681). Handling and measuring results of this combination do not differ from those of the centrifugal force apparatus S (524 068). Before the centrifugal force apparatus (347 21) is used with the centrifugal force adapter (524 0681) for the first time, the zero and the gain at the centrifugal force apparatus should once be readjusted according to the instruction sheet of the centrifugal force adapter.

Experiment setup (see drawing)

Use the bench clamp to fix the centrifugal force apparatus to the table. The light barrier is set up by means of the stand rod and the stand base so that the rotating arm can freely rotate between the legs of the light barrier; the light beam should not be interrupted by the weight. The centrifugal force apparatus is connected to Input B and the light barrier via the 6-pole cable to the timer box at Input A of the Sensor-CASSY. The power supply is connected to the driving motor of the centrifugal force apparatus via two connecting leads. The maximum voltage for driving the motor should be selected so that the force measuring range does not exceed 15 N.


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