Compound Pendulum Apparatus


Compound Pendulum Apparatus

Model No: AM-005

The apparatus is designed to study the time period and frequency of compound pendulum. A pendulum consists of a cord which has mass at its one end and it is tied to a pivot point on the other end.

The unit consists of a metallic rod on which metallic balls are fitted on different locations. The rod is pivoted at any desired point.

  • To be apparatus to determine the radius of gyration and centre of gravity of a compound pendulum; effect of fulcrum position; finding gravitational acceleration ‘g’; comparison with a simple pendulum
  • To consist of a wall mounted bracket with a cord or pendulum bar suspended from it. The compound pendulum consists of a 1m long bar with a moveable bob, which can be suspended in up to seven different positions
  • To enable investigations into simple pendulum theory with a ring, cord and adjustable position pendulum mass being provided for simple pendulum work
  • A stopwatch and ruler for taking measurements on this apparatus supplied
  • Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided
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