DC Series Motor Shunt Generator Lab Trainer


Model: BE121
Make: LabTek
Origin: India
Sold By: Laboratory equipment manufacturer



Model: BE121
Make: LabTek
Origin: India
DC Series Motor Shunt Generator Lab is an adaptable training system for electrical Machines laboratories designed to explain the operational working and characteristic of DC Shunt Generator at different loading conditions. A shunt generator is a method of generating DC output by paralleled connection of field and armature windings and possesses inverse characteristic between load current and terminal voltage.46597 provides comprehensive learning details to demonstrate various exercises like working operation of DC Shunt Generator, no load and load characteristics etc. All connections and appearance are designed in such a manner so that it will look user friendly.

Diagrammatic representations are provided on the control set-up so that students can make connections by their own. All protection circuits are in built so there is very less chance of fault or danger.

Voltage (V) 230 V
Condition New
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Phase Single Phase


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