Parallel Adder and Subtractor Trainer


Model: AEL1137
Make: LabTek
Origin: India
Sold By: Laboratory equipment manufacturer



Model: AEL1137
Make: LabTek
Origin: India

Product Description

Parallel Adder and Subtractor Trainer is a ready to use digital electronics experiment trainer. This product has been designed specifically for the students to understand the concept of parallel binary addition and subtraction methods for 4 bit and 8 bit binary numbers. A Parallel Adder is a combinational logic circuit which has various registers to input the data and thus generate the output. Because of this, input bits are applied simultaneously and the sum appears at the output almost immediately. The parallel subtractor circuit works in similar manner where the difference appears as soon as the inputs are applied. This product has logic switches with LEDs for logic high and low input facility. Besides this, a +5V adaptor is provided for DC power supply.

Parallel Adder and Subtractor Trainer is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • 4-bit/8-bit Binary Addition & Subtraction
  • Easy switching between addition and subtraction modes
  • LEDs for visual indication of input-output & carry out logics
  • Learning Material CD


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