Synchronous Machine Training System


Model: BE112
Make: LabTek
Origin: India
Sold By: Laboratory equipment manufacturer



Model: BE112
Make: LabTek
Origin: India

Description Synchronous Machines are used as Generators in power plants because of their characteristic relation of speed with frequency. The study of power generators is the part of most of the curriculum. 46580 “Synchronous Machine Training System” is an exclusive product designed to demonstrate the fundamental concepts of parallel operation of Three Phase Synchronous Generators. This product is equipped with advanced measurement system for AC Parameters and DC Parameters. It has inbuilt which is highly stable and accurate. Due to use of big size LCD display it is possible to observe multiple parameters simultaneously. The RISC microcontroller based design provides better resolution and sensitivity as compared to analog meters. The panel is also equipped with advanced as Phase Sequence Indicator Digital Synchroscope

Well as Conventional Lamps (Dark Lamp Method) to perform the synchronization of two generators. Students can learn the basics as well as advanced experiments and safety conditions with precautions that are encountered while generating power with multiple generators . Various terminals including three phase starter terminals are provided on front panel to provide flexibility and ease of connections while performing experiments. Students can perform experiments like Synchronization of parallel generators using advanced and conventional methods, behavior of generator, load sharing, power transfer parameters, analysis of voltage regulation of generator, V curve and inverse V curve in Three Phase Synchronous Generators with a vast flexibility.
FeaturesTwo Identical Motor Generator Set
 240 X 128 Graphical LCD DisplayHigh resolution ADC for accurate measurement Equipped with Synchroscope 

Voltage (V) 230 V
Condition New
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Phase Single Phase


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